What are some example services that could be offered?
  • Label: Formal Instruction
    I will teach you using my various skills.
  • Label: Practice Session
    I will practice one of my my various skills with you while we video chat.
  • Label: Motivation Sessions
    For 5 minutes a day, I will make you show me things, and set you homework for things that I am skilled at.
  • Label: Critique Session
    I will watch your perfomance and critique it.
  • Label: Social Session
    We can both do our own thing together while online. Talking may not even be necessary!
How does scheduling and pricing work?

Scheduling is initiated with a message requesting a session from a pupil. The instructor responds through any means of contact until the two parties have agreed on a format, price and date(s).

It could be a 30 minute music class for $30 tomorrow, 14 daily five minute motivational sessions at 10am for $40 or 10 one hour classes spread over the next month for $400.

Once agreement has been reached, the instructor creates the session and enters the amount and details. The pupil must pay before the session starts